Björn Ottosson


I’m Björn Ottosson, a software engineer, musician, educator and general problem solver, based in Stockholm.

For about a bit more than a decade, until 2020, I worked at DICE and the Frostbite game engine with things like software engineering, architecture, technical product management and team leadership.

Over the years I have contributed to quite a lot of games in different genres in areas such as gameplay, tools, core systems, graphics and physics simulation.

Among other things, I have experience with:

  • building high performance multi-threaded software in C++ and C#
  • coordinating large engineering teams
  • building platforms used by thousands of developers
  • designing desktop applications and working with UX
  • mentoring and building motivated teams

I am now available for contracting and consulting – reach out if you have any interesting opportunities.

To get in touch reach out on Twitter or LinkedIn

I also play trombone in a swing jazz band and on Instagram I post photos of flowers and food (with commentary in Swedish).